Daytona Pig Stand

Y’ALL. I can’t EVEN. Words escape me.


DaytonaPigStand5ON WHEELS.

DaytonaPigStand1And a scary-looking hog. ON A HOG.

I stopped at Daytona Pig Stand (“Home of the Pork Chopper”!) to take these pics on my way back from Orlando, where I went to the Central Florida Veg Fest. Go ahead and laugh: you’ll feel better. (I had a great time, by the way–I got to snuggle the world’s cutest, softest, cuddliest bunny from the Gainesville Rabbit Rescue, eat some great vegan food, and meet some other great animal rescue, humanitarian, and veg organizations.)

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This sign doesn’t make me laugh like others do. It doesn’t make me rail about how weird it is to use pigs to advertise roasted pig meat. It doesn’t even appeal to me aesthetically. Mostly, it just makes me shake my head.


The sign, which is for Bub-Ba-Q in Jasper, Georgia, seems determined to reinforce stereotypes about Southerners. Overalls? Check. Smoking? Check. Dopey expression and slacker posture? Check. Someone named Bubba? Check.


Though the sign isn’t that notable, apparently the food is, if the trailer can be trusted to tell the truth.


For more information about Bub-Ba-Q, check out their website!

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Pig-a-Poole-ooza: The Thrilling Conclusion!

This is it, folks. The fourth and final installment in the Poole’s BBQ saga. You may recall from the second post about this quirky place in East Ellijay, GA, that I promised the design on the top of the Pig-Moby-Il would become clearer. Here’s a close-up, for a refresher.



It reads “Col. Poole’s Hill-of-Fame,” and the painting on the side of the pig bump looks like a hill with pigs on it. To what are the words and picture referring? Oh, I’m so glad you asked!



Remember those small, pig-shaped signs from the previous post? Yep, they’re here too. All together in one giant pig shape on a hill at the back of Poole’s property. This, my pig-loving pals, is the Hill-of-Fame.



You can see in this picture of the pig’s tail end that they’ve run out of space in the pig shape to put pig cards and are now placing them on fence-type structures and light poles. The Hill-of-Fame is around 50 yards wide, according to Husband, who is much better at estimating this sort of thing than I am.

Seeing Poole’s in person is an experience I recommend if you’re up in the Blue Ridge Mtns. in Georgia. Photos simply can’t do it justice. If you do visit and you eat while you’re there, let me know: I’d love to know how the food is at the Taj-Ma-Hog! (Yes, that’s what the restaurant building is called. No, I didn’t make that one up. Seriously, folks–I’m creative, but I couldn’t make any of this stuff up.)



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Pig-a-Poole-ooza Part 3

Meet Porky.



I didn’t choose that name for him. It’s really his name. See?


 Porky is Poole’s Bar-B-Q resident mechanical pig. He hangs out near the door, atop the pig-stamped concrete floor, greeting customers and bidding them farewell until next time. I have no idea if he actually works anymore–for some reason Husband wasn’t keen on trying it out.


You may have noticed these colored pigs in the previous post. They are all over the property outside the restaurant.


No, really. They are.


I don’t know what one must to do get one’s name on a colored pig: we didn’t go in and talk to anyone. Poole’s was our sixth bbq stop of the day, and by that point even I was a little tired . I’d love to interview Colonel Poole some day. (He’s a Kentucky Colonel, which–for you poor souls who don’t know what that means because you haven’t been blessed by living in the Bluegrass state–is a designation granted by the governor of Kentucky.)

All of this and we’re still not done at Poole’s! Come back tomorrow for the final post!

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Pig-a-Poole-ooza Part 2

In yesterday’s post, I told you that Poole’s BBQ in East Ellijay, GA, was a little unusual. That may have been a bit of an understatement.


Pig ears, a tail , and a back on the roof; painted-on snout and eyes on the hood; and a plastic half-moon attached to the grille to give the appearance of a snout to oncoming traffic: Behold Poole’s BBQ Pig-Moby-Il (their spelling, not mine!). The paint job on the side of the pig’s back on the roof will become clearer in a post or two, I promise.

From the side:


The painted pink pig shape on the concrete says “Pig-A-Boo,” by the way. Just in case you weren’t sure you were reading it correctly.

Here is their other vehicle:


After the riotous quality of the other car, this one is a bit of a letdown. It still has piggy ears and a tail, as well as the painted snout, and it keeps the red, yellow, and white color scheme. but it’s lacking the joie de vivre of its car counterpart. The Romney sticker on the front does make me giggle, however.

In the immortal words of late-night infomercials, “But wait! There’s more!” Come back tomorrow to see what other delights Poole’s BBQ offers!

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For a while as an adult, birthdays weren’t much fun. They weren’t awful, but they weren’t the sugar-loaded happy fests of childhood. Then we had a child, and as he got older, birthdays started becoming more enjoyable. His enthusiasm for me turning another year older is cute and contagious, so now I’m excited too. What better way to celebrate my birthday on the blog this week than by sharing a bbq place in East Ellijay, GA, that I strongly suspect is like no other bbq restaurant in the country?


This is Poole’s BBQ. From this picture, it appears to be a fairly standard bbq restaurant. The yellow pig on the top, with the restaurant’s name painted on his side, and the multiple painted pigs on the yellow siding, are nothing out of the ordinary. The yellow pig sign on the post with the restaurant’s July 3rd hours is a nice touch, though a bit out of season since we visited in August. The plastic pink pig bin–which to me looks like a Little Tykes toy box–is really the first hint to me that this place is a little unusual. Just how unusual is Poole’s? Come back tomorrow to find out!


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Eat and Run

Today’s picture is our first from North Carolina! Friend of the blog Cheryl kindly responded to my request for a picture of this sign after I came across the restaurant’s website.

You can eat the ribs--but first you have to catch them!

You can eat the ribs–but first you have to catch them!

This logo has a lot going on. First, the pig is wearing a napkin around his neck. He has a fork in his right hoof, and two items in his left hoof which I think are salt and pepper shakers. Despite the apple crammed in his mouth, he’s looking pretty happy, which may be due to the fact that he has massive monster truck wheels instead of back hooves so he can escape the odd situation he is in. Or run over the farmer trying to get him. Or even go off-roading. The possibilities end only when he blows a tire-hoof or gets pulled over for having a tail light out.

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Rescue Me!

It’s back to the pigs with this post! My family and I took a weekend trip to north Georgia in August, and we stopped at several places along the way, taking pictures of signs to share with you. Here’s the first one!


This is one stern swine. One powerful pig. One confrontational cloven-hoofed creature. He’s got tongs and a bandana, and he means business. And that tattoo on his impressive bicep lets you know he’s no wimp.


This barbecue place is in Ashburn, GA, and literally around the corner from another place I’ll be featuring soon. It’s in a shopping center, in a strip with a Mexican restaurant and an Asian grocery, and sharing a parking lot with that Southern institution, a Piggly Wiggly (sometimes affectionately called “The Pig”). Rescue’s isn’t too far off I-75, so if you’re driving by, or you happen to be in Ashburn for, say, the Fire Ant Festival, you should go by and check them out. Bonus points if you buy a t-shirt and send in a pic of you wearing it!

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Wearing Your Sunday Best

Kymberlee sent this picture of a t-shirt her husband owns from Pratt’s BBQ in Kingsport, TN. She reports that he’s worn the shirt to religious services at least twice. I think it’s safe to assume he’s not Jewish or Muslim.

Baby got back

Baby got back

While this shirt is a good look, these slippers would really complete the outfit. Possible Christmas present, Kymberlee?

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Porcine Paraphernalia

Folks, there are only 127 more days until Christmas. Panic time! Or it would be if you weren’t reading this, because Swine Signs is happy to make some gift suggestions for those special people in your life. First up: these rustically cute guys, which Pigporter Anne spotted at the Smoke on the Mountain Festival in Galax, Virginia:

Love me, love my piglets.

Love me, love my piglets.

Or maybe you’re searching for a present that is practical as well as pig-tastic. How about this cooker, available at this year’s Williamson County, Tennessee, fair?PigCookerWilliamsonCountyFair2013

The pig even has eyelashes! (Sent in by Smokin’ Summer–thanks!)

While both of these would certainly appeal to some people, for the truly discriminating individuals on your list, an item with a sophisticated aura is probably your best bet. Imagine placing a gift in front of someone and saying, “Oh, it’s just a little something I ordered for you from England.”


Swine-loving Sandy saw these lawn ornaments for sale while on holiday in Gloucestershire, England earlier this summer. She reported that she wanted to buy the spotted pig in front because she liked his collar, but for some crazy reason her husband thought it wouldn’t go well with the mezuzah in their home’s front window. I personally love how someone has so thoughtfully provided an umbrella for the animals.

By the way, the original photo Sandy sent in looks so charming that I have to share it.

GloucestershireEnglandAI want to own the space next to the shop and open a yarn store and stand at the window with a cup of Earl Grey in one hand and a blueberry scone in the other and watch the snow fall on a winter afternoon. Instead, I’ll crank the a/c down, grab a glass of iced tea, and daydream about that elusive thing called “cooler weather.” Maybe I’ll even play my Julie Andrews Christmas album on the record player: after all, the holidays are practically around the corner!

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