You’re not from around here, are you?

On a recent trip to Kissimmee, I stumbled across this crustacean. Husband knows by now that it’s easier to just let me take my pictures of funny signs rather than to try to convince me “we’ll come back by later, I promise,” because later never happens.


I can’t imagine that this lobster-mobile is street legal, but I got some good laughs imagining it driving down the road:

You’re at a stop light. The light turns green. You don’t push the gas pedal quickly enough to suit the car behind you. You look in your rear-view mirror to see what kind of impatient person honks the second the light turns–and that’s when you realize you’re not looking at a person at all…



Fowl Friday

Really, I don’t think there’s a better way to kick off the weekend than to appreciate a sign with a chicken kicking a football while holding a knife in one wing and a fork in the other.


This sign can be seen in Madison, Alabama. I wonder if the chicken has ever gotten the ball through the goal posts atop the sign?

I’ve been writing this blog for over a year, and my mother is finally getting into it, suggesting places to look for signs. She’s the reason I have these pictures, in fact:

wpid-20140714_134148.jpg wpid-20140714_134228.jpgThis giant chicken is located right off I-65 in Elkmont, Tennessee. My mom suggested we pull off the interstate one day and take these pics; apparently this chicken has been around for quite some time and is a known local landmark. Maybe he’s related to the chicken in the previous picture, since he also is carrying his own cutlery. (I’m not the only one who finds this rather morbid, am I?)

Across the street from the giant chicken we spotted…

wpid-20140714_141901.jpgSo now you know what Foghorn Leghorn has been doing the last several years.


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Mooooving Monday

I love urban art. By that I mean art that pops up unexpectedly in urban areas. I’m not sure that any part of Bowling Green, Kentucky, can be considered “urban,” but here’s a wall mural from there anyway. 


Sometimes I research an area before I visit it to see if there are any places I want to drive by and take pictures of this for blog. More often, though, I happen across places, and I enjoy that more than the ones I purposely seek out. I enjoy serendipity. That’s how I took this picture: we were driving in the Piedmont area of Atlanta, Georgia, and just happened to spot this sign.

wpid-20140723_193320.jpgThis poor cow cracks me up. When I laugh at her, I feel like I’m laughing at myself, because I’m just clumsy enough that I know I’ve looked just like her as I tripped over the air. (First day of high school, I’m remembering you. <shudder>)

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Penguins and Pico


Because when I think of tacos, I totally think of penguins.

Pigporter Andrea sent this picture in from Vancouver, Washington. The reviews at sing the praises of this food truck, so now I can’t wait to try a taco (or three–I’m not shy) when I go out to Washington State this summer. Apparently the “cream” in the name refers to the food truck’s homemade ice cream, which as far as I can tell is not vegan, but I’m sure Andrea would be happy to eat some of it for me and tell me how it is. She’s so selfish–I mean, selfless–like that.

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Beefy King

What does a vegan do on her way to the Central Florida Veg Fest? Stop and take a picture of this stunning sign, of course.

Because "Lord Lardmore" just didn't sound right.

Because “Lord Lardmore” just didn’t sound right.


Beefy King serves steamed sandwiches. It’s located off North Bumby Avenue in Orlando, Florida, right near Orlando Festival Park and across the street from another place that I’ll be posting about soon. The more I look at this sign, the more I love it. I think my favorite part is the breath/steam/anger coming out of his nostrils.


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Swineless Sunday: I’ll Bring the Cream Cheese!

Andrea sent the pics of this carb-loaded character from St. Pete Bagel Co. in St. Petersburg, FL.

Grains are good!

Grains are good!


And inside:

Give me the grains!

Give me the grains!


Finally, a joke to end your weekend. What do vegetarian zombies eat? Graaaaaains!


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Come Together

In these trying political times, it’s a good idea to take a step back and embrace what we have in common: we are AMERICANS. And what, I ask you, is more American than a rooster wearing a cowboy hat?

Chicks dig me.

Chicks dig me.

Don’t believe me? Just check out where I spotted this fellow in Warner Robins, GA.


That’s right. The AMERICAN Deli. Told ya.

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Swineless Sunday: Tiki Time

He’s not purple, and I doubt he’s from Mozambique-y or the isle of Martinique-y, but this guy is pretty cool nonetheless. Andrea sent in this sign from Knoxville, TN.

"Kind of freaky... with mystique-y... humble, meeky, not critique-y"

“Kind of freaky… with mystique-y… humble, meeky, not critique-y”

The band that sings the song in the link has two members who write and perform the music for the Disney Jr. show Jake and the Never Land Pirates. You’re welcome for the Sunday earworm, by the way.

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Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

On a recent family trip to Blue Ridge, Georgia, I actually saw a chicken cross the road. I was laughing so hard and the road was so narrow that by the time I recovered enough to think about taking a picture of the classic kid’s joke happening right in front of us, the chicken was already to the other side and hanging out with his fowl friends.

These chickens appear to be just beginning their journey. They seem to be running away from the restaurant, which makes sense, but considering they have to cross a busy six-lane road in Jacksonville, Florida, their odds don’t look very good.



What’s the worst “chicken crossing the road” joke you’ve heard? Leave it in the comments so we can all groan along with you!

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Steppin’ Out With My Baby…

It has been quite a week here. I’d love to have a relaxing night out on the town with a suave, sophisticated gentleman. You know someone, you say? You have a picture of him? Great!


Well. Hmm. I appreciate the suggestion, Valerie, but I have a feeling this, um, fine fellow from Nashville isn’t quite my type. I’ll just brew some tea and watch “Cops” on cable tonight instead.

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