Mooooving Monday

I love urban art. By that I mean art that pops up unexpectedly in urban areas. I’m not sure that any part of Bowling Green, Kentucky, can be considered “urban,” but here’s a wall mural from there anyway. 


Sometimes I research an area before I visit it to see if there are any places I want to drive by and take pictures of this for blog. More often, though, I happen across places, and I enjoy that more than the ones I purposely seek out. I enjoy serendipity. That’s how I took this picture: we were driving in the Piedmont area of Atlanta, Georgia, and just happened to spot this sign.

wpid-20140723_193320.jpgThis poor cow cracks me up. When I laugh at her, I feel like I’m laughing at myself, because I’m just clumsy enough that I know I’ve looked just like her as I tripped over the air. (First day of high school, I’m remembering you. <shudder>)

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Hillbilly Grillers, Bowling Green, Kentucky

I met the lovely folks of Hillbilly Grillers in Bowling Green, Kentucky, at the community farmer’s market. I pulled over to ask if I could take a picture of their sign for this blog, Before I quite knew what was happening, the grillmaster (I believe his name is JB) had found out I live in Jacksonville and told me about his years in Jax Beach and Ponte Vedra. Then he took me in to meet his partner in BBQ, whose name I’ve unfortunately forgotten but who is so sweet. She also has a sense of humor because she thought it was hilarious that I, a vegan, would blog about bbq signs. Then JB took me out back to meet his brothers, who sell fruits and veggies at the market as well. (“This is more your type of stuff,” he said as he showed me around the displays of produce and flowers.) And all because I stopped to take this picture.

wpid-20140719_114313.jpgIf you’re in the great Bluegrass state, first of all, lucky you! Second, if you need any bbq while you’re there, contact Hillbilly Grillers. You seriously couldn’t buy from nicer folks.

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Service with a Swine

Thanks to Jay for sharing this picture of the Collins River BBQ & Cafe van in McMinnville, Tennessee! This pig is classy-looking. The sunglasses are a particularly nice touch.


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Alabama has an abundance of signs that make me laugh. I saw one last week that, unfortunately, I couldn’t get a picture of because to do so would be dangerous: it was on a busy highway with nowhere to pull over. It said “Rods & Rifles 4 Christ,” and it’s apparently an event where people who love Jesus and hunting and fishing can share their common bonds while killing some of God’s creatures.

Since I couldn’t capture that sign, I offer this one as an insufficient but still kinda funny substitute.


At first I thought the pig was holding numbers like arrested people do in their booking photos, but it turns out the sign just says “Tasty.” That makes more sense but it’s not as interesting.

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Swineless Sunday: Vancouver Farmer’s Market

I spotted this mural on the side of a building in Vancouver, Washington two weeks ago. It was so big that I had to take several pictures to capture the details.

Full view of the mural

Full view of the mural


Now, working from left to right:


056 055     

And to give credit where it’s due:



Happy Sunday!


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Huntsville Hog Part 2

Huntsville seems to be a town that loves pigs–at least when they’re smoked and have sauce drizzled on them. I think this pig and the one from the previous post are a match made in hog heaven. image

Huntsville Hog

Spotted this sign right outside Huntsville, Alabama, in Madison. My son laughed. I said the pig was tawdry.  My mom just rolled her eyes. A typical scene when we’re all three together!