Need a New Catchphrase?

Today’s picture comes from Alysia, who snapped it at a food court while on vacation in Togichi, Japan.


Alysia said that this particular shop sells octopus balls–NOT testicles, she was quick to clarify, but instead something  like a hush puppy with pieces of octopus meat inside. While I was relieved to learn that no part of an octopus’s reproductive system is involved in the making of octopus balls, I did have a giggle (or three) at the phrase “octopus balls.” I think it’d make a great catchphrase. Disappointed that the Jacksonville Jaguars/Montreal Canadiens/Atlanta Braves lost again? “Oh, octopus balls!” Excited that Lego is selling a Back to the Future Delorean time machine kit? “Great octopus balls!” It’s an all-purpose phrase that is sure to make your life easier, or at least more entertaining!

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Shark Week Reality

Oh, the Discovery Channel. They used to be known for broadcasting shows that actually educated people about subjects of importance, much like the History Channel used to do back in the day. Now, however, these formerly venerable cable channels are the proud homes of fake documentary programs about mermaids, the megaladon, and Mayan aliens. The sharks in today’s post, however, are real. Well, as real as sharks made of fiberglass can be.

This first sign is from Aqua-Reporter Andrea and can be found in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This sign can be read in a couple of different ways. Either the place serves sharks, fish, and chicken, but it’s missing the comma; it belongs to someone named Shark, but it’s missing the apostrophe; or it’s trying to notify sharks that the restaurant serves them fish and chicken, but it’s missing the colon.

Excuse me, I think you left your punctuation at home today.

Excuse me, but I think you left your punctuation at home.

Our second sign comes from Katie, who received the picture from her cousin Colleen in California. (That lovely alliteration makes my word-nerd heart happy.) This beauty is apparently at Raging Waters Amusement Park in California.

Hello there!

Hello there!

As Katie points out, this guy bears a striking resemblance to someone from the movies. I wonder if anyone has notified the Mouse’s legal team about that coincidence?


Let’s all say it together: “I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food.”

Have a great weekend, and remember to just keep swimming!

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Poultry with Pizzaz

I love this sign, which you can find in Jacksonville, Florida. I drove past it two times a day, four days a week, for six months or so, and I grinned almost every time I saw it. The chicken from Bucky’s Family Restaurant (see Friday’s post for a reminder) is certainly well-dressed, but really, you rarely see poultry with such panache.


Let’s take a minute to really examine his ensemble. Snazzy hat? Check, with bonus points for the feather that adorns it. Suit? Check, with bonus points for the suit being red. Black and white formal shoes? Check, and I bet they’re made from alligator skin. (After all, this is Florida.) Long overcoat? Check, with bonus points for the coat being purple. Finally, he appears to be wearing gloves and he’s holding a cigarette. What’s not to love?

Formal Friday

There’s nothing quite like a rooster wearing a top hat and tie to make a girl feel underdressed. When you’re a dapper dresser like the fine fowl featured on today’s Swine Sign, however, the words “casual Friday” mean nothing to you.

Top hat o' the morning to you!

Top hat o’ the morning to you!

All he’s really lacking is a monocle. This sign was sent in by Fowl Friend Valerie. If you’re ever in Columbia, Tennessee, you can check out the sign yourself–and maybe try some of that “Southern Country Cooking” as well. Leave the top hat at home, though: you don’t want to outshine the rooster.