Need a New Catchphrase?

Today’s picture comes from Alysia, who snapped it at a food court while on vacation in Togichi, Japan.


Alysia said that this particular shop sells octopus balls–NOT testicles, she was quick to clarify, but instead something  like a hush puppy with pieces of octopus meat inside. While I was relieved to learn that no part of an octopus’s reproductive system is involved in the making of octopus balls, I did have a giggle (or three) at the phrase “octopus balls.” I think it’d make a great catchphrase. Disappointed that the Jacksonville Jaguars/Montreal Canadiens/Atlanta Braves lost again? “Oh, octopus balls!” Excited that Lego is selling a Back to the Future Delorean time machine kit? “Great octopus balls!” It’s an all-purpose phrase that is sure to make your life easier, or at least more entertaining!

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