In a Crabby Mood

I have a hard time getting back into my regular life after a vacation, even a short weekend one. Everything feels kind of topsy turvy. So I’ve been crabby the last couple of days since my return from Folly Beach. I have a feeling this guy would understand.

You spin me right round, baby.

You spin me right round, baby.


This sign is at the James Island Charleston Crab House. And yes, it’s upside down. According to the restaurant’s website, it’s due to the restaurant’s appearance on a show called “Flip This House” in 2006. The crab theme doesn’t stop here, of course.


This is painted on the front side of the building, near the entrance. I’ve never seen a crab with teeth. I can’t decide if his are vampire-inspired or if they’re supposed to be buck teeth, like this guy from a previous post.

Over the entrance…

Welcome to my crabby lair.

Welcome to my crabby lair.


And at the entrance…


The door mat is where I first realized that Crabby McCrabbersons has SHOES on his bottom claws. The ocean floor can get rough on a crab’s delicate shell, you know.
The restaurant’s plants look a bit overgrown, but rest assured that it’s still in business and waiting to reward those who are able to find it–it’s tucked back off two of the main roads, behind some offices and townhomes. Trying to get there may make you a little crabby, but the sight of this toothy crustacean should cheer you up.

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Need a New Catchphrase?

Today’s picture comes from Alysia, who snapped it at a food court while on vacation in Togichi, Japan.


Alysia said that this particular shop sells octopus balls–NOT testicles, she was quick to clarify, but instead something  like a hush puppy with pieces of octopus meat inside. While I was relieved to learn that no part of an octopus’s reproductive system is involved in the making of octopus balls, I did have a giggle (or three) at the phrase “octopus balls.” I think it’d make a great catchphrase. Disappointed that the Jacksonville Jaguars/Montreal Canadiens/Atlanta Braves lost again? “Oh, octopus balls!” Excited that Lego is selling a Back to the Future Delorean time machine kit? “Great octopus balls!” It’s an all-purpose phrase that is sure to make your life easier, or at least more entertaining!

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