Eat and Run

Today’s picture is our first from North Carolina! Friend of the blog Cheryl kindly responded to my request for a picture of this sign after I came across the restaurant’s website.

You can eat the ribs--but first you have to catch them!

You can eat the ribs–but first you have to catch them!

This logo has a lot going on. First, the pig is wearing a napkin around his neck. He has a fork in his right hoof, and two items in his left hoof which I think are salt and pepper shakers. Despite the apple crammed in his mouth, he’s looking pretty happy, which may be due to the fact that he has massive monster truck wheels instead of back hooves so he can escape the odd situation he is in. Or run over the farmer trying to get him. Or even go off-roading. The possibilities end only when he blows a tire-hoof or gets pulled over for having a tail light out.

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