The Power of the Pig

Apparently, barbecue by Due South Pit Cooked BBQ in Christiansburg, VA is a moving experience–at least when it’s brought in their catering van.


Here’s a view of the side, so you can fully appreciate the pig-van’s ears and the logo:


I have a feeling that the pig-van and the Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro could be good friends.


Blog buddies Anne and Chris submitted the pics. Visit Due South’s website here, and if you’re in Christiansburg anytime soon, check them out and take some pics of the inside: I have a feeling it’s just as quirky as the pig-van!

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Does This Sign Make My Butt Look Big?

I just can’t tell, you know? What do you think? Is this a good look or no?

Can you tell I've been working out?

Can you tell I’ve been working out?

Perpetual Porcine Pal Katie sent in this one from Alabaster, AL. In case you can’t make out the tag line, it says, “Delicious Between Buns.” I’ll just take the sign’s word for it.

Wishing Wednesday

Today, I am really wishing this place in Montgomery, Alabama was still open.

Walk THIS way

Walk THIS way.

There’s so much going on in this hog homage to the Grateful Dead that I think a methodical approach is the best way to appreciate it all, going from left to right. Pig #1, who is maroon, is wearing a camo apron and has some sort of badge/number on it and a shield on his right arm, so clearly this brother was involved in the military. Pig #2, yellow, is wearing a simple apron with two pine trees on it. I have no idea what that means. Pig #3 is a ninja, which is pretty awesome. Pig #4 is apparently a Colts fan, and Pig #5–well, I have nothing for that one. Maybe it was a self-portrait?

You can visit the now-defunct restaurant’s Facebook page here. If you were part of this logo, what would your piggy look like? Leave your answer below in the comments!

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Pass the Pigskin

Although it’s not even August yet, true football addicts fans are already discussing their teams’ odds of winning, the strategies they should adopt, the coaching decisions that should be made. Or at least this is the impression I’m getting from my football nut fan friends on Facebook, who for some reason feel the need to share every article written on any angle of the sport as it relates to their teams. So if you bleed orange/red/blue/whatever color your team’s blood is, you’ll enjoy today’s Swine Sign, which comes to us from Pigporter Katie.

Pigporter Katie really hopes those puffs behind him are dust and not something else.

Pigporter Katie really hopes those puffs behind him are dust and not something else.

In Montgomery, Alabama, where this sign is located, a person’s football allegiance comes second to only his or her church, and that’s only when you’re dealing with religious folks. Consequently, this pig means business: he’s wearing his helmet, he has his blacking on, and he’s got the ball securely tucked under his arm. And he’s doing it all while flashing a grin that should make his dentist proud. Thanks for sharing this sign, Katie!

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Two Purple Pigs

“Two Purple Pigs” is not the name of NBC’s newest attempt at comedy, nor is it the title of a top-secret food innovation project by Oscar Mayer and Monsanto. Instead, it’s the name of the restaurant with our first Swine Sign.

Two hoofs up for this sign in Manchester, TN

Aren’t they an adorable couple? Really, can you imagine them with anyone else?

I came upon these jewels of jowls in Manchester, Tennessee, a few weeks ago. The building is right off Interstate 24, and since the building is purple, it’s hard to miss unless you have your eye on the gas station across the street because you need a bathroom NOW. Unfortunately, Two Purple Pigs has apparently fallen victim to the sputtering economy: a woman at the restaurant’s  phone number said in her sweet, distinctive  Tennessee accent that “thay’re closed now.” (Also, she gets lots of calls for them. So please don’t call her. She may not be so sweet after getting many more.)

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