Two Purple Pigs

“Two Purple Pigs” is not the name of NBC’s newest attempt at comedy, nor is it the title of a top-secret food innovation project by Oscar Mayer and Monsanto. Instead, it’s the name of the restaurant with our first Swine Sign.

Two hoofs up for this sign in Manchester, TN

Aren’t they an adorable couple? Really, can you imagine them with anyone else?

I came upon these jewels of jowls in Manchester, Tennessee, a few weeks ago. The building is right off Interstate 24, and since the building is purple, it’s hard to miss unless you have your eye on the gas station across the street because you need a bathroom NOW. Unfortunately, Two Purple Pigs has apparently fallen victim to the sputtering economy: a woman at the restaurant’s  phone number said in her sweet, distinctive  Tennessee accent that “thay’re closed now.” (Also, she gets lots of calls for them. So please don’t call her. She may not be so sweet after getting many more.)

To submit your own Swine Sign, click on the “About” tab above!


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