If you’ve ever wondered  why barbecue restaurants love putting pigs with human characteristics onto their signs; if you’ve ever rolled your eyes at the sight of a person in a cow costume passing out fried chicken samples; or if you’re here by accident because you were actually looking for information on swine flu symptoms–WELCOME! 

You’ve likely seen a Swine Sign, though you may not have realized it. That barbecue joint in your grandma’s hometown, the one whose sign has a pig licking his lips while holding a knife and fork? Yep, that one’s a Swine Sign: a sign that features a pig in some weird, funny, quirky, or even morbid way. Whether the sign has intentional irony or accidental comedy, it has a place here. 

Pigs aren’t the only animals used in advertising, of course, so Swine Signs is happy to point the spotlight on other creatures as well. Cows, chickens, fish, and sheep are just some of the possibilities. Keep your eyes open, because you never know when you’ll spy one. For information on submitting a picture of a Swine Sign, visit our “About” page. And again, welcome! 


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