Huntsville Hog Part 2

Huntsville seems to be a town that loves pigs–at least when they’re smoked and have sauce drizzled on them. I think this pig and the one from the previous post are a match made in hog heaven. image


Huntsville Hog

Spotted this sign right outside Huntsville, Alabama, in Madison. My son laughed. I said the pig was tawdry.  My mom just rolled her eyes. A typical scene when we’re all three together!


Portland Piggy

This intimidating figure is in Portland, Oregon.  I really want to know what a Hawgarita is!


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Ready to Lend a Paw


I love this bunny’s crew cut. This service shares space with a barbershop,  so perhaps that’s not a coincidence.

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Can’t speak Spanish or Catalan? No problem!

If you ever want to visit Barcelona but don’t know how to read Spanish or Catalan, you can still get by, no worries. Spaniards don’t want you to be in the dark about what their stores sell, so they make it very clear on their signage.


You don’t need to be able to read Arabic either. This shop was right across the street from the church of Christ we went to in Barceloneta, and two stores down from a Jewish butcher shop. This is a butcher shop that also sells Middle Eastern food and decor items. If you don’t know what the word “carnicería” means, just look at the pictures on the sign.


These animals are more realistic than cute, though the expression on the cow’s face does make me giggle. I think he’s the only one out of the three of them that realizes exactly what’s going on here.



Just one more to close this post out. This was on the side of a delivery truck near our studio rental in the El Born neighborhood. I can’t figure out what’s most disturbing: the fact that the pig is wearing pants but no shirt; that he’s carrying a plate of various meat products; or that he has a knife.

More from Barcelona coming soon!


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Barcelona, Part 1

Barcelona is not a city for the faint-hearted vegetarian or vegan. For starters, the region is known for a specific kind of ham that is very expensive, and also supposedly very tasty. But for those whose wallets don’t match up with their tastebuds’ desires, never fear: other kinds of ham are everywhere. I’m not exaggerating.


Those are ham legs on display. You can buy bits shaved off, or you can buy the entire leg. Hoof and all. Shops will even package the leg for you if you’re traveling back ham–I mean, home–soon. Don’t have time or suitcase space for an entire leg? Never fear! Barcelona still has you covered.


For ham lovers on the go

For ham lovers on the go!

For just 4.50 in euros, you too can have your very own ham cone, perfect for snacking while walking. Which people in Barcelona do a lot of. Both snacking and walking, I mean. No wonder there are podiatrists and orthotics stores on every block.

Signs featuring animals were almost everywhere as well, it seemed. In the next few posts I’ll be sharing some of the swine signs we encountered while in Spain in February. A few of the pictures are a bit blurry, which happens when you’re learning how to use a new camera, but most are clear, and I hope you’ll enjoy them!


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A Different Version of Double Dutch

I spotted this t-shirt on a guy while at a birthday at Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary in Jacksonville, FL, last Saturday.


I think the pig would disagree with the words on the shirt.

I think the pig would disagree with the words on the shirt.


He was surprised when I asked to take a picture of his shirt, and a little confused when I tried to explain my blog. Sir, if you’re reading this, check out my other posts and you’ll see that your shirt most definitely belongs here. 🙂


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Swineless Sunday: Arnold’s

If you’re heading from Jacksonville, Florida to St. Augustine by way of U.S. 1 (which I highly recommend, by the way, as it’s more interesting than taking I-95 and you get a glimpse of “old Florida”), you’ll pass Arnold’s Lounge on your left just before you get into town.

"It's got a good beat and you can dance to it!"

“It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it!”


I love this sign. When I see it I immediately think of things like “American Bandstand” and doing the Watusi. Not that I’ve ever done the Watusi. But after watching this YouTube video of it, I think it’s a dance even I could manage to perform at least halfway correctly. Now I’m in the mood to watch “Hairspray” (the original, not the remake: John Travolta isn’t fit to tie Divine’s shoes, if Divine was still alive, that is). “They put me in special education just because of my hair!” Great stuff, y’all.


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