Barcelona, Part 1

Barcelona is not a city for the faint-hearted vegetarian or vegan. For starters, the region is known for a specific kind of ham that is very expensive, and also supposedly very tasty. But for those whose wallets don’t match up with their tastebuds’ desires, never fear: other kinds of ham are everywhere. I’m not exaggerating.


Those are ham legs on display. You can buy bits shaved off, or you can buy the entire leg. Hoof and all. Shops will even package the leg for you if you’re traveling back ham–I mean, home–soon. Don’t have time or suitcase space for an entire leg? Never fear! Barcelona still has you covered.


For ham lovers on the go

For ham lovers on the go!

For just 4.50 in euros, you too can have your very own ham cone, perfect for snacking while walking. Which people in Barcelona do a lot of. Both snacking and walking, I mean. No wonder there are podiatrists and orthotics stores on every block.

Signs featuring animals were almost everywhere as well, it seemed. In the next few posts I’ll be sharing some of the swine signs we encountered while in Spain in February. A few of the pictures are a bit blurry, which happens when you’re learning how to use a new camera, but most are clear, and I hope you’ll enjoy them!


To submit your own swine sign, click on the “About” tab above!


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