T-Riffic Tuesday

Today’s sign, which is in Jacksonville, FL, may seem odd at first. Why would someone name a food mart after a dinosaur? Is the owner a Jurassic Park fan? (“Mr. Hammond, after careful consideration, I’ve decided NOT to endorse your park!”)

It's well stocked. Just don't ask them to help you get any items off the top shelves.

It’s well stocked. Just don’t ask them to help you get any items off the top shelves.

The name makes more sense when you know where the store is located, though. This fellow is hanging out in front of the row of stores.

Look into my glowing red eyes...

Look into my glowing red eyes…

I read here that the dino used to guard a mini golf place, but when it went out of business he spent a few years just hanging out before being moved to the shopping center on Beach Boulevard and inspiring the food mart’s name. For his age (70 million years, give or take a few million), he looks pretty good, but I think a new paint job will soon be in order. What color combos would you suggest? Tell us in the comments!

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