Wishing Wednesday

Today, I am really wishing this place in Montgomery, Alabama was still open.

Walk THIS way

Walk THIS way.

There’s so much going on in this hog homage to the Grateful Dead that I think a methodical approach is the best way to appreciate it all, going from left to right. Pig #1, who is maroon, is wearing a camo apron and has some sort of badge/number on it and a shield on his right arm, so clearly this brother was involved in the military. Pig #2, yellow, is wearing a simple apron with two pine trees on it. I have no idea what that means. Pig #3 is a ninja, which is pretty awesome. Pig #4 is apparently a Colts fan, and Pig #5–well, I have nothing for that one. Maybe it was a self-portrait?

You can visit the now-defunct restaurant’s Facebook page here. If you were part of this logo, what would your piggy look like? Leave your answer below in the comments!

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Too-Cute Tuesday!

After a day like yesterday (sick child + lack of sleep + lots of work), I needed a bit of cute in my life. Luckily, PigPorter Katie sent in this fellow.


Since I’m a vegan, Korean bbq isn’t exactly my thing, but if it were, I’d definitely eat at this place in Montgomery, Alabama. The bull looks so hospitable: he has his arms open, welcoming you in. And he’s wearing pants! And shoes! The only way he could be cuter is if he was accompanied by Hello Kitty.

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I’ll Be Seeing Mule

What are your plans for this weekend? If you’re having a get-together, you might want to invite this fellow. He looks like he could be the life of the party.


I’m starting to think that Columbia, Tennessee, is one happening place. This lovely town has given us Bucky’s well-dressed chicken, and now this cheerful party animal. Thanks, Valerie, for sharing this one!

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